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providing safety to our customers

10am - 6pm Monday - friday, 12pm - 5 pm saturday

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Why are some products not available at the store?

Merchandise inventory varies from store to store. Certain sizes, styles and colors may change so check back at a later date.

What do I need to pick my order?

Bring your ID and be prepared to show the confirmation email printed or on your mobile device while maintaining social distance.

How long will my order be held at the store?

Orders made online and scheduled for Curbside Pickup will be held at the store for thirty days. 

What do I do when I arrive at the store?

When you arrive at the store, park in a place that is safe for both you and the store associate. Call the store to let them know you've arrived and provide the order number if asked. Open the trunk of your car so the store associate can leave items in the vehicle while maintaining social distance. Be prepared to show your confirmation email through a closed window upon request. The email can be printed or shown on a mobile device.

How do I return something from a Curbside Pickup order?

Curbside Pickup can't process returns. If you would like to return any items originally received using Curbside Pickup, you can return these purchases in stores.